Safety Tips


The Baby Comfort was developed with your baby’s safety in mind. Here are several important safety tips when using The Organic Infant Lounge Bed:


  1. Keep co-sleeper on firm and stable surface (i.e. Couch, bed, floor)

  2. Place infants on the back or on the firm edges with airways clear at times.

  3. Do not place anything in the co-sleeper (infant lounge bed). Adding items such as pillows, stuffed animals and small toys, while your infant is sleep can increase risk of suffocation.

  4. Keep blankets and small toys away from your baby’s face while in the co-sleeper.

  5. Never leave your baby unattended while in co-sleeper.

  6. Make sure your baby airways are clear at all times to avoid suffocation. Especially, when re-positioning your baby in the co-sleeper.

  7. Do not share your co-sleeper with another baby at the same time your baby is sleeping.

  8. Avoid placing co-sleeper in baby crib. CPSC (Child Product Safety Commission) has strict regulations regarding items in baby’s crib.