Each Lounge Bed is handmade by the owner in the U.S | Handcrafted Duration Time (2 hours) **with one carrying handle

Attributes & Specifications

  • 100% Cotton

  • Uniquely handmade with a single handle for carrying support

  • Designed for affordable comfort and relaxation

  • Contoured with extra fluffy design stabilizes spontaneous movement and supports the infant neck and back

  • Ideal for infant ages 0-24 months

  • Great for transitioning to tummy time, propping, and learning to sit and push-up

  • Contoured Rectangular shape with elevated sides (Dimensions: 39in x 21.5in x 2.25, contour sides)

  • Mid-section is lined and layered

  • Care: Machine Washable, Wash Bed alone, Cold Water, Quick Cycle and Tumble Dry. NO BLEACH or Chlorine.

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