When creating my product, I searched to find sources that supported my personal and family beliefs. What initially drawn me to my fabric and stuffing was the fact That it was locally grown and hundred percent organic which stood with some of the founding principals I like. I wanted something fun with modern designs that supported an eco-friendly environment. Healthy for the consumer and farmers or mill workers. 


Why Organic?

Organic is growing all natural in an environment with no chemicals or toxics. 

    Organic is the quality and integrity of a product!


    Organically grown cotton:

    • Grown without the use of chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers
    • Focusing more on soil and plant health 
    • Organic cotton use less energy and water 
    • Crop rotation which helps in reducing soil erosion and increases soil fertility
    • Healthier for consumers, farmers, and mill workers

    Conventional grown cotton:

    • Chemically dependent on crops
    • 25 different pesticides and fertilizers 
    • Health risk towards farmers and milk workers